DR AS RA0 NAGAR GHMC Election ward boundary information

DR AS RA0 NAGAR GHMC Election ward boundary information

East: The Eastern boundary of Ward No 2 starts on domalguda on at limits near Bharath Petrol pump and runs along the circle; boundary towards Boundary Description Southern direction up 10 Bhavan Rushi Society layout and turns towards Western East: road South: It starts at end point of Eastern boundary at Bharath Gas road at GHMC boundary towards Western direction up to Gokul Nagar and turns towards North direction and runs up to Railway line at HCL townshjp and crossing the Railway line futher it runs towards through the boundary of HCL township, HCL factory up to ECIL - NFC road up to ECIL;main gate. West: It starts on ECIL - NFC main road at NFC East gate and runs towards Northern direction towards ECIL X road up to ECIL Bus stand junction. Further it runs Northern direction through ECIL chowrastha and along the boundary of APIIC colony, North Kamala Nagar, Subhash Chandra Nagar, it new Srinivasa Nagar, Virat Nagar, Bhagath Nagar, Bharath Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Vasavi Shiva Nagar and Maruthi Nagar up to GHMC limits boundary. North: It starts at Maruthi Nagar on GHMC limits boundary and runs towards Southern direction at along the GHMC limits boundary up to Nagaram main road. Further it runs towards Eastern direction and runs at it long the GHMC limits boundary up to Pedda Chertapay Village. DR AS RAO NAGAR direction and runs through Maruthi Colony and again tums towards Southem direction and runs along the Maruthi Nagar road and futher turns Western direction and through boundary of Vasavi Shiva Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Bharath Nagar. Further it runs towards Southen direction and runs through boundary of, Viml Nagar, New Srinivasa Nagar and Subhash Chandra Nagar, North Kamala.Nagar and APIIC Colony up to ECIL junction. Further il runs through DAE colony up to NFC boundary at ECIL main gate.

South: it starts on ECIL - NFC road at NFC Eastern gate on NFC boundary and runs
 and NFC boundary to Kapra Circle boundary Iimits.

WEST: it starts at Kapra Circle boundary at DAE Colony boundary and runs towards Northen direction along the Kapra Circle and Matka. Siri Circle boundary limits up along the Kapra Circle - Matkajgiri Circle boundary up to Dr. A.S. Rao Nagar main road up to Petrol pump junction_ Further, it runs towards Northern direction;through beside Petrol pump road up to Nethaji Nagar chowrastha.

North: it starts at Nethaji Nagar chowrastha and runs towards Eastern direction through H.T. line road up to Dammaiguda road and it tums towards No then direction and runs all along the Dammaiguda road up to GHMC limits at Bhararth Petrol pump.

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