ghmc elections wards list boundaries of all 150 wards

Ghmc elections wards list aboundaries of all 150 wards

No. & Name of the Election ward     Boundary Description
East: The Easlern boundary of Ward No-l statu at GHMC boundary limirs at Dammaiguda road near Bharalh Petrol pump and further, it runs along the Dammaiguda road towards Southem direction up to H_T. Iine road on Darnmaiguda
South: lt starts from H.T. line road on Dammaiguda road and runs along H.T. line road towards Western direction up to Nerhaji Nagar X .oad. Further it runs along the Petrol pump road up to Dr. A.S.Rao Nagar main roadjunction near perrol pump and turns towards Westem dire.tion and runs along the Sainikpuri road up to Jyolhi Rao Pule Statue junction and further it runs towards Western direction along the Kapra and Malka.jgiri Circle boundary up lo Nirmal Nagar chowrastha.
West: The Westem boundary stans from lhe endpoinl of Sourhem boundary at Nirmal Nagar Chowrastha and runs towards Northem direction along rhe Kapra Circle boundary up to Ammuguda near Anitha Enclave and Sapthagiri Enclave on circle boundry
North: The Northern boundary slarts at end point of Westem boundary at Ammuguda near Anitha Enclave and Sapthagiri Enclave and runs towards Eastem direction along the circle boundary up to Dammaiguda road at Bharath petrol pump.

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