How to pay my Property tax bill online

How to pay my Property tax bill online GHMC

How to pay my Property tax online?
You can pay your Property tax in any of the eSeva centers located in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
You can also pay your Property tax at GHMC Citizen service centres.

How do I calculate my Property Tax?
Annual Tax is Calculated as 3.5 X Total Plinth Area in Sft X Monthly Rental Value per Sft in Rs.
You can calculate your Property Tax here

what is my ptin number?
The PTIN is the number issued by the Internal Revenue Service to paid preparers to use so they do not have to disclose their Social Security number (SSN) on the returns they prepare. The PTIN cannot be used in place of the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the tax preparation firm.
How is my PTIN No. generated?
PTIN is a 10 digit number
First number is common for all circles
2,3 digits circle number
4,5 digits Revenue wards
the last 5 digits is the serial No.

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