As the polling date is near people of telangana and the people in and around hyderabad with the election effect of ghmc elections 2016 started looking for their voter card i got many mails related to how and where to get the voter id card and how to check your voter id card on

Election commision of india has set up a seperate website for telangana elections either it is General Elections ,Bye-Elections to the House of People from Telangana, T.S. Legislative Assembly and T.S. Legislative Council any elections the voter id of telanagana can be had from this website it is applicable for GHMc elections also for voter id card its functions of election commision of telanagana is also to updation of Electoral Rolls, Issue of Photo Identity Cards to Electors or voters, rationalization/re-organization of Polling Stations through the area of elections, to educate voters or voters' education is important , implementation of Model Code of Conduct during election time, to make and follow the Election Laws and the instructions issued by the Election Commission of India strictly from time to time as elections should be conducted cool and good way.

You can check your voter card by searching your name on this link Click this link
Fill the below details
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer - Telangana
Select District and Assembly Constituency and Search with House Number or Name or Photo Identity Card Number
District Name : AC Name :Click here to know your Assembly Constituency
House No :Name :
Photo Identity Card No :
NOTE : 1. Do not enter Initials and Surnames. Ex: If a name is T. Rama Rao, then enter any 3 letters of name (except title/surname) instead of typing complete name.
2. If you want to search all members of your House No. / By-Numbers then select Constituency and enter first 4 letters of your House Number in House Number Field. 

How to apply new voter id card follow below seteps
you would see "E-Registration" tab as below

You can see or help related to voter id card how to apply new correction of voter or election card etc details in help

For applying New coter id card in telanagana Use Form-6 in the tab
For objection to inclusion of name use Form- 7
For Correction in your voter id card for elections Use Form-8 in ceo telanagana
To Transpose your card follow below link in ceo telanagana
To know your election id status check this link
Know Your Application Status  (From 01.01.2014)
Verify Name in the Electoral Roll through SMS 

For more information visit below links on

For Telanagana Election commission website visit this is for local to telanagana elections website as of now for GHMC election 2016 to know information visit the below important links which will be helpful for our GHMC elections 2016 Download voter slip,GHMC elections Polling station finding,GHMC election 2016 we have a mobile app also for Voter slip you can directly download from app we have different tabs and categories on this website thier is a officers login where officers of conserned department can use it and they will have different previlages and information at the time of election
Other is Observers Portal on which will be providing help ful information and instructions to be followed by election observers at the time of elections link to observers portal on
Candidates portal on this portal is for candidates who are contesting for elections in telanagana or ghmc elections 2016 whic provides instructions and rules to be followed by the candidates in election time

Voters portal on in Voters portal its provides information to voters on election how to download and where to download voter slip for this elections,who is who of mayor,sarpanch their information,ZPTC there information,MPTC and there information ...etc this is the voters link

Newly they have a EVM Training Module also added which provide the links of how to use EVM Machine while voting all are video links this is the link

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