GHMC Election exit poll survey 2016 results

GHMC Election exit poll survey 2016 results

The election prediction survey or the surveys over the polls are common trend and many organisations  or political parties private agencies do the keep doing these surveys on their own different platforms to predict the election results but there is a million dollar question for the actual result matching against these surveys 
Previously the last general elections proved all the surveys wrong in terms of majority to political parties in india. 
NTV Hyderabad has conducted a survey on GHMC Exit poll survey doing surveys since years and expressing confidence that majority of them have come true says NTV management that it will match there results lets see their prediction or GHMC Election Exit poll Survey by NTV cooperation with Nielsen and NG Mindframe.


As all the political parties are eyeing on success in GHMC elections 2016 the exit polls counducted by NTV in cooperation with Nielsen and NG Mindframe says the above results are predicted and they are confident it matches with the actual results talking on the survey many are saying as majority of leaders are saying in TRS party in January 2016 they will win 80 seats and party is pretty confident and working towards that and capturing to have bounus on the available 150 hope every thing goes fine with political parties and elections 2016 in greater hyderabad elections 2016
Congress Party already explained its Tension On GHMC Poll Survey Results by NTV watch NTV for more information on it

GHMC Election 2016 Exit poll results

What you think of exit polls for this GHMC elections 2016 let us know give your prediction in comments section down the post let see we will collect the data and match with the actual results on Feburary 5th 2016 give as below also give your prediction on the right hand side survey conducted by us for GHMC Elections 2016 exit poll survey

I predict this many wards may be won for below political parties
TRS (Telangana Rastra Samiti) may win ------ seats
TDP (Telugu Desam Party) ---- seats
INC (Indian National Congress) ---- seats
AIMIM (All India Majlis E Ittehad Ul Muslimeen)---- seats
BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) ---- seats
MBT (Majlis Bachao Tahreek) ---- seats

As this is the first time after formation of new telangana state the ghmc elections are going to be conducted this is going to be prestegious elections for all the political parties for winning majority of seats and win the mayor for ghmc elections 2016 and its winning political party is going to be in history of telanagana state

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