ghmc elections holiday 2016 Feburary 2nd

Ghmc elections holiday 2016 Feburary 2nd

As the GHMC elections for 2016 is on the way on 2nd Feburary 2016 Government of  Telangana has declared holiday on the event of GHMC polls on February 2nd 2016 Tuesday Today Hyderabad district collector Rahul Bojja also declared a public holiday on 2nd Feburary 2016 Tuesday for all government offices in hyderabad local bodies and other government institutions, educational institutions situated in GHMC areas falling in Hyderabad district or around hyderabad in ghmc limit so as to enable the citizens of hyderabad to cast their vote for the ghmc genearl elections 2016 on 2nd feburary 2016 adding to that hyderabad collector Rahul Bojja also said The holiday for ghmc elections or polling day Holiday is declared under Negotiable Instrument Act 1881. Some of the Private institutions already declared holiday in hyderabad

HOLIDAY ON MONDAY 1st Feburary 2016: The district collector Rahul Bojja adding to the 2nd feburary as holiday also declared a local holiday on February 1 (Monday) to all government offices, local bodies, educational institutions and other government institutions where polling stations are located for conduct of GHMC genearal elections 2016 in Hyderabad and in GHMc area limits so that arrangement will be taken care in smoother way and be prepared for 2nd feburary 2016.

for the same Rahul bojja also declared as a local holiday on February 5th 2016 to all government offices, local bodies, educational institutions and other government institutions which are notified as counting centers earlier this year where the counting will happen for ghmc elections 2016 and results will be declared on 5th Feburary 2016.

Ghmc elections results 2016

He also informed that all Central government employees in hyderabad or in GHMC area limit can avail two hours permission either in the morning or evening hours to caste their vote for ghmc elections 2016

GHMC Election exit poll survey 2016 results

Government officials of Telangana local bodies some private bodies and employees of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy district administration announced a public holiday on February 2nd 2016 as Holiday the day of polling for GHMC elections 2016 a much awaited day in hyderabad.

This GHMC polling Holiday on 2nd feburary 2016 is applicable only to Ghmc area limit as its a polling or election day and has been declared for all state government offices in ghmc area limit local bodies and educational institutions in ghmc area limit as per provisions of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 . February 5th 2016 is the day of vote counting it has been declared a local holiday for institutions where counting is scheduled and will take place as mentioned or declared previously that the GHMC election Counting centers.

The Telangana State Election Commission has prohibited and declared display of election-related content by cinematography or television in the 48 hours before the polling ends i.e is Feburary 2nd 2016. The Telanagana Election commission also announced prohibition on bulk SMSs with political content during 48 hours before the polling ends. Polling will conclude till 5 p.m. on Tuesday 2nd Feburary 2016

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