tsec.gov.in download voter slip polling station ghmc elections 2016

tsec.gov.in download voter slip polling station ghmc elections 2016

As today is the end date for political parties for canvacing and publisizing their parity candidates and the manifesto for ghmc elections 2016 as already every political party has already released its manifesto what they do and future plans for their voters as election day or polling day for ghmc elections 2016 is getting near on Feburary 2nd 2016 every party is on its best woing their voters to vote for them and voters are in search of their voter slip and their polling station for them to vote to download ghmc election 2016 voter slip you can download it from tsec.gov.in and ghmc polling station too on the same website
of tsec.gov.in

How to download voter slip for ghmc elections 2016 from tsec.gov.in
Step 1 : Visit telanagana state election commission website tsec.gov.in
Step2: After you open website you can see a button or tab "Download Voter Slip" click on it
Step 3: After you click on it you will be redirected to http://tsec.gov.in/mis/dowmloadVoterSlipGHMC.do
Step 4: Fill the details of below
Voter Id No.
-- OR --
Door No
Name Starting With Anywhere Exact
Note : Please enter any one of the above field (Voter Id No.,Door No,Name) to search
Step 5: After filling the details like VoterId no Circle,Ward,DoorNo,Name ...etc as shown on tesec.gov.in website Click on "Search"

Step 6: Happy if your voter slip is available you can directly download it on tsec.gov.in website

You can download the GHMC election voter slip on mobile app also Click here to know how

How to know my polling station for GHMC Election 2016 on tsec.gov.in
Step 1 : Visit telanagana state election commission website tsec.gov.in
Step2: After you open website you can see a button or tab "Polling Station List" click on it
Step3: You will be redirected to http://tsec.gov.in/mis/pswisereport.do
Step 4: fill the details on it like GHMC Circle,GHMC Ward,GHMC Ps No(not Mandatory)


Step 5 : After fillinmg click on "Display Ps wise date"
Step 6: You can see the PS data your Polling station data Happily :)

We have different portals like observer portal,voters portal,Candidate portal,EVM training module which provides us the full details and educate how and what of it.

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