ghmc exit polls 2016

Ghmc exit polls 2016

GHMC elections has been completed on feb 2 2016 and all eyes on who will win and who will loose the power in hyderabad local elections all political parties are confident on there own number of seats winning and TRS the ruling party in telangana has already declared it will win majority of seats and takeover the GHMC Mayor position by this ghmc elections 2016.Till now all the exit polls results that are conducted says TRS will win majority of the 150 wards in GHMc area limit and will take over the Mayor's seat in GHMC Hyderabad limit.According to an exit poll by News  Channels and the Polling survey conducted by them most of the channels like NTV,TV9,TNews ...etc says probably the winning wards in ghmc area limits may be near to this figure

TRS May win 78-82 Wards/Seats,
MIM May win 35-40 Wards/Seats,
TD-BJP Alliance may win 28-34 wards/Seats,
Congress 8-10 and
others May win 1-3 Seats/wards.

Another exit poll result predicts as TRS 81-85 seats, MIM 32-37, TD-BJP 25-30, Congress 3-7 and others 0-3. It gave TRS 42.13 per cent vote share, TD-BJP 27.55 per cent, Congress 7.53 per cent, MIM 14.77 per cent and others 7.99 per cent.

Several TV channels also made similar
TV9 news Exit polls Survey Results for GHMC Elections 2016 are like below shown
TRS: 78- 82 seatsMIM: 35-49 seats
Congrss: 8-10 seats
Others:1-3 seats

NTV GHMC Exit Poll Survey results for GHMC Elections 2016 given below
TRS: 75-85 seats
MIM: 40-45 seats
BJP-TDP: 20-25 seats
Congress: 10-12 seats
Others: 0-3 seats

As we are aware GHMC is divided into 150 Wards/Corporator limit and elections are conducted all the wards in the hyderabad cityin other way Hyderabad GHMC is divided into 18 circles and 5 zones as East, North, West, South and Central in that they have wards with different names and the limits of the wards are mentioned on website visit the link for the limits of different wards in ghmc hyderabad.

TRS Leader,Son of KCR,Panchayat raj minister,IT Minister  kalvakuntla taraka rama rao quoting the various exit polls from various sources, said TRS will win with a bumper majority in hyderabad GHMC elections 2016 and will take over the mayor position TRS takes over Mayor Position. He said that victory margin would have been more if the polling percentage had been higher or voting percentage is more on the polling day Feburary 2nd 206 the ghmc poll day.As already various “Exit polls confirmed TRS victory is almost confirmed and TRS is in preparation of electing the Mayor post in the winning team of corporaters elected by the ghmc polls most Probaly as per the sources the GHMC Mayor from TRS for the GHMC elections 2016 is almost decided and it would be a BC reserved post .With all the exit polls of GHMC elections Mr Rama Rao said he would be thanking officials, party leaders and workers for ensuring free and fair,peacefull environment for Ghmc polls 2016.and he would take the responsibility to take hyderabad brand to international level

GHMC Election Exit Polls
Congress3 to 7710 to 128 to 10
Others0-0311 to 030

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