ghmc hyderabad elections results 2016 counting

ghmc hyderabad elections results 2016 counting

The most awaited GHMC election results 2016 for the corporator elections or baldia elections in hyderabad  for 150 wards is going to be announced today and the suspense is going to end today as due to the clash between the political party workers of AIMIM and Congress in puranapul the elections are going to be conducted again today or repolling of puranapul is going to happen today from 7 AM as per the ghmc comissioner Janardhan reddy

GHMC election vote counting 2016 As stated the ghmc election vote counting is going  to begin by 3:00 Pm today i.e is 5th Feburary 2016 as mentioned in the ghmc election notification earlier but there is a slight change in the time as repolling of puranapul is also scheduled today so time as been changed to 3:00 Pm and the first result will be announced after the full completing of the repolling at puranapul no result will be announced before 5:00 Pm actually the counting of vote of ghmc elections polled on 2nd feburary the ghmcpoll date or ghmc election date will be counted in 24 already identified centers in different parts of Hyderabad in ghmc area limits.

Tight security arrangements have been made by hyderabad police in both of Hyderabad and Cyberabad area limits to ensure peace environment during the GHMC election counting 2016 on Friday ie 5th feburary 2016.For vote counting security at the 24 identified centers and other places almost 5000 police has beendeployed at the 26 counting centres located in the hyderabad city very tight security and speaking of the counting GHMC commisioner also no one is encoraged to come at the counting centers only the person with the pass to enter can come and no waiting at counting centers its also mentioned and requested the contesting candidates not to come at counting centers and the ghmc election results will be given online and to media.
In Hyderabad due to ghmc election results or counting 2016 police has taken mesures to prevent any outbreak of violence or  traffic jams in hyderabad any area at the counting centers the police had also banned victory rallies by contesting candidates and the winners of ghmc corporator election 2016 who emerge victorious. Already Security and police had already been deployed in all sensitive areas of the hyderabad city and police pickets posted in sensitive and hyper-sensitive areas to prevent any untoward incident and measure if unexpected incidents happens strict rules has been passed. The police had imposed Section 144 in and around the counting centres and only persons holding valid entry pass will be allowed to access into the counting centres. its also mentioned all the counting and the voting will be taken under video so that no other things happens in the ghmc election counting and results 2016

ghmc elections results 2016
To all this for the ghmc election results 2016 The counting will begin by 3 PM and not 8 AM as mentioned earlier because of re-polling in 36  polling stations in Puranapul area of old city in hyderabad ghmc area limit on Friday this time election polling percentage recorded an overall 45 per cent turnout from hyderabad voters which is 3 percent more from ghmc elections 2009 and in in ghmc elections results 2009 Congress and MIM had the majority and shared the mayor position this happend when YSR is in congress party. This thime GHMC election results 2016 According to the GHMC Commissioner and election officer B Janardhan Reddy told all results should be out by 8 PM and arrangement has been made accordingly to be make sure ghmc election results are on time
This time as per the exit poll says TRS will sweep the elections this time and emerge as single largest party in GHMC too as its already the ruling party in telanagana and the single largest party to win the highest number of seats this is the first time to happen GHMC Election after formation of Telanagana state so every political party has there own manifesto and winning strategies to win this time lets wait and see book mark this page and staty tuned for GHMC elections 2016 As per exit polls of ghmc election 2016  TRS to win on between 77 and 85 seats in the 150-member civic body lets wait and see 

This ghmc poll result is going to be a litmus test for al political parties contested Asaduddin Owaisi-led AIMIM, Congress and the TDP-BJP alliance . GHMC covers 24 Assembly seats and the TDP-BJP combine had bagged 15 of them in the 2014 elections in assembly. GHMC election 2009 result, Congress won 52 seats of the total 150 seats emerging as single largest party in hyderabad. The AIMIM 43 wards out of 150 wards while the TDP bagged 45 seats out of 150 wards. The BJP won 5 seats out of 150 wards, MBT (Majlis Bachao Tahreek) and PRP (Praja Rajyam Party) one seat each of 150 .in 2009 elections 3 independent candidates also won and Mayor seat has been shared between AIMIm and INC(Congress)

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