repolling for GHMC Elections wards old city Puranapul hyderabad tomorrow

Repolling forGHMC Elections wards old city Puranapul hyderabad tommarow
Repolling for GHMC elections may be conducted a re-election in Puranapul ward as the incident happened following allegations of poll discrepancies made by the Congress party and AIMIM leaders atmost 36 polling stations will have the repolling tommarow and as the ghmc election counting is going to happen tommarow are likely to post pone and the news is going to come in few minutes and the wards that are going to have repolling or reelections for the 36 polling station in the limit of puranapul ward divisions in ghmc elections.

Till now neither the GHMC nor the State Election Commission officially confirmed this until late Wednesday but thursday morning GHMc commisionar Janardhan reddy is going to have a press meet and announce the same evening sources said a re-poll was likely to happen and the ghmc election counting and the results of it are going to be slightly postponed by dates or by time . However, they also maintained that the diaries of polling officers showed no discrepancies or substantiation to the allegations which pertain to incidents outside polling booths that do not mandate re-polling but has its own issues and congres has given . If rescheduled, the re-polling is likely to be held on February 5 and the counting process could be postponed. The ward was witness to a confrontation between MIM and Congress representatives and is clearly seen in the videos given by congress and submitted to governer of combined telanagana and AP governer.

50 wards are going to have repolling for ghmc elections 2016 in Puranapul hyderabad tommarow  5th Feburary 2016 after that ghmc election counting or results may be given or the date of ghmc election counting and the results may get post poned as per the information till now.

Ghmc election Voting percentage or polling percentage which ward has highest polling percentage and the lowest of all the analysis report is here

The GHMC election and corporation information also put out voting percentages in all the wards and the final turn outs . The final ghmc voter turnout as been tally stands at 45.25 per cent, its more than the 2009 ghmc elections exactly three per cent more than the turnout during 2009 elections. their was a Poor voter turnout was seen in Mehdipatnam ward electionsthis is a BC reserved ward this ghmc election ward or division which saw only 34.28 per cent of votingand also Even in absolute terms the number of voters was lowest among the 150 wards among all the wards in ghmc limits In 2009, the ward had a similar number of voters but recorded a higher voting percentage due to a smaller electorate division of all in ghmc limit.

Polling of almost 29,050 votes in  Erragadda ward recorded 59.19 per cent turnout in this elections the highest for any ward in ghmc area limit .when Compared to the last GHMC election 2009 this time in increased nearly two times increase in its voter turnout for ghmc elections 2016. in 2009 elections Last time when congress was in power Moghalpura registered the highest turnout in election voters.

Among the 10 SC reserved wards in ghmc area limit hyderabad Rajendra Nagar recorded the highest voter turnout at 53.31 per cent of voters happily.

On Monday, GHMC Commissioner B. Janardhan Reddy said poor voter turnout in many areas calls for greater voter awareness amount the citizen of hyderabad.


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