GHMC Elections Mobile app download

GHMC Elections Mobile app download

Now you can download your voterslip for GHMC elections 2016 to download the voterslip follow the below procedure its easy

1)First visit Google play store link :
2)After Visiting the play store link in the search bar as below search "TSEC Voter Slip"

3)you will be seeing as mentioned above in the picture pick the first one "TS Election Voter Slip" and lick will be

4) Click on Download/Install based on the mobile you open the link
5) when you click on install app will be installed and you can get your Voter slip downloaded
6) you need to fill the below details for the voter slip the below screen shop is from website but below fields are mandatory to get your GHMC Voter slip
Door No
Name Starting With Exact
Note : Please enter any one of the above field (Door No,Name,Voter Id No.) to search

7)After filling click the Search button
8) After searching you will find your voter slip as below on right you would be finding "Print Voter Slip"
9) Click it Download your GHMC Voter slip 

On the event of releasing Mobile app for GHMC Election Mobile app to "Download Voter slip"
The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) commissioner B Janardhan Reddy told voters to check their names and download their voter slips by downloading the app that is created specially for the purpose of GHMC Voters in Hyderabad. Adding to that the commissioner of GHMC said 74, 23,980 voters have enrolled including 39, 69, 007 male voters, 34, 53,910 female voters and 1,063 other voters every one can download their Voter slip on website or Mobile app which is specially designed and in play store now on

The voters can now download their voter slips for GHMC Elections through a mobile web app created by the GHMC for the convenience of the citizens in hyderabad. The voters can go to play store and type tsec voter slip to download the app and more information you can get now on .

Voter of citizen should type their voter ID which will enable them to get the ward name, polling station centre voter serial number and other related information and getting the whole information you can search and get the Print option to print your GHMC Voter slip

As of now around 1,25,000 people have already downloaded this Ghmc election mobileapp and taken the details of the voter slips on the app and most of the people are also using their website of tsec to download their voter slip  To increase the poll percentage for this election , the GHMC has also introduced a special ringtone to create awareness among the people of hyderabad or ghmc election voters.

As per the GHMC policy commissioner said 42,344 posters, 32,942 ban ners, 37,800 flexies and 5,265 cut-outs put up by various political parties were removed by the GHMC on Saturday to keep clean hyderabad clean ghmc swachataha is the mission

The Mobile app was launched by the civic authority to ease the voting process and make people feel comfortable for GHMC elections to be held on Feb 2nd 2016.

To download the mobile app go to play store search for ‘tsec voter slip’ in the Android Play Store you will find a app with "TS Election Voter Slip" download/install it you are done you can search on it and print your voter slip done dona done .

for Comming GHMC elections Mr Reddy said 74,23,980 voters have been enrolled in which total number of voters are 39,69,007 are male, 34,53,910 are female and 1,063 other voters in the list.

All India Industrial Exhibition which would be held at Nampally every year aslo has a stall for the same purpose of GHMC Elections and other facilities GHMC is providing in city of Hydreabad.

GHMC Comissioner also said that GHMC along with civic societies, residential welfare associations and NGOs will conduct a meeting to increase the polling percentage for this 2016 elections, at the GHMC’s head office on January 18.

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